The Professional Library Infrastructure in Sierra Leone

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The circumstance has been declined, because of the way that libraries have been dismissed. As indicated by the African Development Bank (ADB) Sierra Leone Country Office (2011), the absolute assets are given to training by the ADB/ADF funds up to 2010, was about US$ 22 million. The venture bolstered the development of Ninety Eight (98) grade schools, Fifty Four (54) Junior Secondary Schools (JSS), Eight (8) Vocational Skills Training Centers and Twelve (12) duplex lodging obstructs for instructors. The task additionally gave preparing to Four Thousand and Fifty (4,050) educators. Instructor manuals were likewise made accessible. In any case, nothing was ever constructed accessible for library advancement. This disregard of libraries implies that libraries in Sierra Leone with restricted assets, need to cooperate to meet the data needs of their clients. One library will be unable to adequately and appropriately meet the data needs of every one of its clients. Library collaboration is, therefore, earnestly required.

Library Scene in Sierra Leone

The nation has all the various sorts of libraries; they extend from open, scholarly, extraordinary to class libraries. Notwithstanding these are data and asset or documentation focuses that give library and data services. Furthermore, there are exhibition halls, for example, the National and the Peace Museums, and the National Archive which likewise give data services.

Be that as it may, the Sierra Leone Library Board (SLLB) which was built up by an Act of Parliament in 1959 fills in as the space of the arrangement of library and data services in the nation. It works as both the National and a Public library. To date it has a Central library and base camp situated in Freetown, Regional branches in Provincial headquarter towns, and branches in all District towns, totaling twenty one (21) libraries [One (1) focal and headquarter library, three (3) territorial libraries, sixteen (16) branch libraries, and two (2) sub-branches].

Libraries in Sierra Leone are, therefore, establishments for the capacity and scattering of data; are for clients; they furnish clients with aides and other discovering records; they give satisfactory access to the reports or records clients may wish to counsel; they have a subject course of action, and they are practical.

Library Cooperation

The term collaboration depicts the joint activity of at least two gatherings for shared advantage. Library participation means trading classifying records, building reciprocal accumulations, trading library materials by between library advance and report conveyance service, joint obtaining of library materials or automated framework, giving services to every other’ client. Library collaboration is likewise portrayed as an understanding, blend, or gathering of libraries shaped to attempt a venture past the assets of anyone part.

There are various sorts of helpful exercises and probably the most mainstream exercises are proportional obtaining, association indexes or records, photocopying services, agreeable reference service, conveyance services, agreeable procurement plans, subject specialization in accumulation advancement, concentrated classifying and card generation, just as focal stockpiling of materials.

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